Web Hosting: an Overview

We use the internet on a daily basis but have you ever noticed, who is at the back of it? Who is controlling it? Probably not, as everything is somehow in anyone’s control, the individual and organizations also get access from the webserver to operate a function that is connected to the worldwide web ensuring getting access to the world through web hosting. It is the best way to get access to the internet for a specific server. The web hosting website is meant to store all the necessary information like files, documents, applications, web-pages but there are some settings required to operate a web server.

Web Hosting is an internet service that allows the user to get access to the website or any web application.

When you subscribe and support a Web Hosting plan, it gets something like a book space in the pre-existing physical server that enables you to store all the necessary information, documents, files, and the data required for your site to work properly.

A web hosting company is meant to provide the users with this web hosting service. The providers maintain and do all the necessary settings to enable you to work properly. You have to choose a domain name and a web hosting service provided by a web hosting provider.

There are some web hosting plans that offer basic, more extensive features and benefits.

There are many web hosting providers available in the market, some of them are;


This technology is also called an IP address and is used to identify the specific domain name. Just type the domain name in the provided search engine o on your browser’s address bar. It will return the IP address of the domain name that you have typed in.

You get the different types of DNS, some of them are ICQ DNS which provides the users with typed chat features. And the other is D DNS that gives the customers’ names. There are many other DNS and some of the DNS are WHOIS, ICQ, WHOIS, and the resolve Ip, and they are mostly used by business customers for their personal websites.

Domain name system

It is also known as DNS, it is a collection of numbers that are used to recognize certain domain names on the internet. Many companies are taking part in creating DNS which include people, organization and other computer networks that are making DNS systems.

The DNS system is created to provide the users with the specific address that goes out during browsing and suffering online. The people and the computer’s network get to know where the particular website is located on the internet without revealing the name and identity of the site owner, as the makers have assured the domain privacy.

There are two basic features of a web hosting service in which the server and the client are included. On the server, all domains are registered on the web hosting service. When the user registered a domain name, the web hosting servers provide the users with a web hosting account. When the account is created initially, a hosting provider specifies the number of IP addresses that are being used by the clients accessing their websites. Mostly the web hosting companies and organizations own Ip addresses and give that to the clients when they subscribe to their services

Web hosting accounts are offered the data center space. The data server is the facility that uses a backup server to store data that the user uploaded onto the domain name. It is a storage facility and enables the user to store a large amount of data. It is located in the data center in the office to prevent any damage to the infrastructure of the hosting providers. A data backup facility is provided by many web hosting providers with their devices so that the lost or damaged data can be recovered easily, but there is more possibility of inclusion of hosting fee in the data backup facility.

The web hosting servers are classified into two main categories: the colocation web hosting server and the other is the home web hosting server. The collocation web hosting server is commonly used because of the high cost of setting up these servers at home. The colocation web hosting server is set up at the location of the client. There are more chances of a close location of a colocation web hosting server.

In contrast to home web hosting, it didn’t require a high cost of setting up the equipment at the client’s site.It depends on the hosting what kind of web hosting account features are provided. As some hosting domains offer a lot of features while some of them limit the number of allowed email accounts. The same is with the file size as some offer a limit size while some others have a maximum size of the file. Some domains give FTP while others resist, as well as most web hosting, enabling the users to install software from the hosting control panel.

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