MBBS In India – The Growing Popularity Of Medical BBS In India

If you have ever desire of taking admission in a medical college and aim to become a doctor during your school life. India, I must say should be your priority to get started as it is providing the eligible candidates with lots of facilities and concession to get successful in the medical field.

If you decided to get admission in the medical college of india, you have to go through some of the crucial steps that we are going to discuss here.

How to register yourself?

The first step towards getting an MBBS in India is to get registered with the medical council of India. Registration is free for a full fledged year. Only those individuals who have completed their MBBS in India within this period are eligible for such an examination and may get an invitation through an advisor to participate in an online course. The number of years one has to complete his or her MBBS in India is computed from the date of enrollment.

Medical colleges and universities in india

There are several medical colleges and universities in India that offer MBBS in India programs. They are trained on the basis of international standards. Most of them also conduct placement programs for placement students after graduation. Students have to register with the medical council of India, i.e. The Medical Council of India.

There are several national and state-level examinations available for those looking forward to sitting the MBBS in India exam. The first two exams are popularly known as the International Bar Examination and the IIT JEE. The candidates who score better than 50% in these two tests will be eligible to sit for an MBBS in India. There are some other national-level examinations also that offer international students an opportunity to sit for an MBBS in India.

Admission process

The admission procedure for an MBBS in India is quite straightforward. After joining a reputed medical college, the candidate can apply for seats. He needs to clear all the entrance tests such as the MBBS entrance test, IITJEE entrance test, and AIIMS exam. Once he is cleared to proceed further, he gets the chance to opt for an MBBS in India from the school offering admission. Usually, the MBBS in India process is quite straightforward and fast.

In the recent past, many foreign students were denied admission to medical institutions owing to the lack of expertise in the subject area. But things have changed now. India has become a leading front-line center of medical research and education. Now the Indian government get into it and has taken all possible measures to ensure giving all the necessary facilities, fulfill study requirements, and have made the admission procedure smooth for foreign students to the Indian medical council without any hindrances.

Currently, there are approximately 1000 foreign students looking forward to sitting for an MBBS in India. This is a great source of income for aspiring professionals and creates opportunities for them to pursue their career goals in a foreign land. The MBBS in India provides ample learning resources and opportunities to those who opt for the course. Those who have completed their MBBS in India can benefit greatly from the extensive training available in the subject areas. They stand to gain immense practical knowledge and skills, in addition to overall development in management skills.

Course duration

  • The course duration of MBBS in India is of 5.5 years in which the students spend 4.5 years in course material and the rest of one year in an internship
  • Diploma course needs 2 years to complete
  • If you a postgraduate student, you need to spend 3 years on it.
  • Other specification time depends on the program and criteria

Can you take admission in MBBS even if you are not eligible?

You may choose to get your MBBS in India even though you are not eligible for the MBBS in India or the degree course. For pursuing a degree course in India, you need to pay comparatively lesser fees as compared to the fees of attending a foreign educational institution for the same course. Some private medical colleges in India have been charging considerably higher fees for a similar qualification in the recent past. So it is always advisable to compare fees charged by various institutions to avoid paying exorbitant fees for your higher education.Today most of the foreign colleges are offering MBBS in India even if you do not have the eligibility of full-form registration. This is because the government has exempted many eligible courses from the full form registration process. This has made the registration process easier for foreign students wishing to pursue their MBBS in India. For full form registration, you need to pass all entrance tests like AIEEE, IIT JEE, and TOEFL. If you belong to some other country and want to pursue your MBBS in India, you can also get admission to any of the reputed private medical colleges of India for the same course.

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